Can we please kill Google ?
Really please.
Android 9 was OK with the changes they did. I mean not GREAT. But OK still.
Android 10 was HORRIBLE. Broke nearly every custom ROM out there and they didnt fucking care.
TBH Android 11 isnt that bad. Its not OK but not horrible. But now we cant build kernels in android sources because google decided it so.
Yes this was android 10 change but it is slowly getting enforced and i hate it.
Dont get me wrong. I love the UI changes. They are sick. Grabbing more from Custom ROMs and bringing it to official android.
But if you didnt realize Google is making Android app and ROM developers an hell from life.

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    Android is a typical example of what is wrong with the open source industry. The innovative projects get a boom with the support of big tech giants, but those are also the reason for the downfall of such open source projects. Vscode shares a similar arc at a smaller level
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    Aren't the changes supposed to make old devices easier to maintain? Why would you want to build kernel for each device separately. Isn't that also what postmarketOS tried to solve?
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    @AkshayTolwani building kernel is easiest shit ever. Making it build in android tree is just pain. Because you cannot have make commands and all that jazz.
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    I don't really have issues with my Lineage based android 9 build...
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    @linuxxx now you don't. And you didn't port it most likely. Trust me when I say android 10 first days with building it was absolute pain.
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    @Haxk20 It doesn't support XPosed as well so won't be using it before it does but will be switching to a PinePhone soon hopefully ;)
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