[found this on Reddit] It became interesting how much time do you devote to coding? 💻

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    It depends a lot on the company I guess.

    One of the reasons I left company 2 was that you had to log 6 hours per day - for a 8 hour contract and a 1 hour break per law this sucks.

    I've learned from that experience.

    In my new job I explicitly stated that I stay 8 hours if necessary - but will work somewhere between 4 and 6 hours per day, depending on the situation

    Situation - what's currently going on and why.

    Another lesson I learned from my previous jobs: Continously working 100 % puts you through a grinder. You can fill in easy tasks, of course. But sometimes you need to cut work short, because your batteries are dried out and empty.

    All in all we have a gentleman agreement based on that. When I need a break, I take one.

    It's hard to pour this in a working contract... But the gentleman agreement works since 1 year pretty well.
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    @IntrusionCM This.

    @Dellexa Somewhere between 2 and 7 hours a day, depending on mood and sleep and deadlines. Sometimes higher (as in 12+), but those days are fortunately pretty rare.
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    I think I've managed to hit the comfy spot in my career where I get paid regardless.

    If I do 5 minutes of code in the day or 8 hours, it makes no difference, my time is not based on output anymore.
    But that's not to say I don't work 12+ hours at times to keep up with the priorities.

    Some days I can have hours upon hours of meetings, others it's the opposite and I can dedicate my time to code or project planning.
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    On a no meetings day, I try to stay between 5-7, sometimes I go lower. After 2 years in the industry, I still haven't found a sweet spot (if it even exists)
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    I used to spend way more than 8 hours a day coding bit I burned out completely after 3 years, now I'm still finding the balance but don't definitely work 8 hours a day, everyday
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    really depends on what I'm doing but mornings are the most productive with sometimes 4 hours of productive work. and later in the day another couple of hours. so between 4 - 6 hours productive I would say.

    When I code my own project and work from 10 pm I can do 5 hours of productive coding. only if I did not work that day.

    anyone who thinks you be 8 hours of productive either should expect really terrible code or burned out staff.
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    It depends. There are days where I can easily program straight 7-8 hours. Other days I can hardly focus for more than 1 hour. I think it depends on the mood, personal life, how good I slept, how motivated I am, if I have a headache, and a lot of other reasons.
    I think headaches happen to everyone, and I wonder how employers can think that their developers must log every minute.

    Serious question: how can people code at home after working? In italy a work day is 9 hours (1 hour break included) + overwork which is almost the standard everywhere. Then don't you commute? Don't you wash? Don't you cook the dinner?
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    I hardly code as I work as a cybersecurity engineer but in regard to this;

    I think I nearly 'work' those 8 fill hours. But, this is also because about half the time (4 hours total) I talk with colleagues, research stuff.... everything like this is needed and included in my job as well.

    The best part is that I also do this as a hobby :)
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    2 - 6 hours, depends how many meetings in day and how much I need to help SD and fix issues. But most of the time it falls somewhere 3 hours in day.

    I have one day of the week I can focus completely to development so those days are usually most productive, but not always most of the coding time.
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    At my previous company we were a group of 4 who used to do coding 4-5 hours a day normally. While days when deadlines were coming we pushed to 10-12 hours as well. But there was no necessity to log 8 coding hours. It was easy on all of our health.

    Fast forward, my current company necessitates to log 8 work hours. But now I am more into architecture and guidance role, so I code very little only at max 2 hours per day. But meeting days are something when I don't code.

    That's an inevitable path most of us have to walk upon. I do love doing research so my juniors they don't even have heard of a tech stack but I keep myself ready with that. Expanding that knowledge and then sharing it with peers is always very satisfactory.
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    I usually have productive mornings, 3-5 productive hours, but the afternoons are usually lazy as i get burned out from the morning’s rush 😅

    Tho i do like to focus on secondary tasks untill evening.
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    On a normal day 0 hours for coding. My role does not require me to be the developer that codes so I do mostly emails and meetings.
    If production issues gets crazy on some days or there are new improvements requested I get to deepdive and review code and on these days about 3-4 hours exposure to codes. But for overall workit can go 8+ hours easily since we are overallocated.
    On days I feel unproductive, have free time or feel like there is a task that is redundant that can be automated, I code. And I code in berserk mode...code everything in one go.
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    I do it as a hobby of sorts so usually 2 or 3 plus whatever other bullshit i do
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