Give me more fancy abbreviation questions.
After 10+ years of programming this will definitely improve my knowledge about software development.

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    I'm sure someone will be along to Adcomsubordcomphibspac you soon šŸ˜
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    "Given a JBOD array in serial replicant configuration over an FPGA backplane using F-HBA, build a WebRTC service that will enable real-time caching in h.264 of stream and audio data in an HSPA+ RAMDAC-supported configuration. Should also provide the option for TTS for use with TWAIN output, or SMS forwarding to T.38"
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    @SortOfTested apparently I know all of those shortcuts except 2, cause they’re software related.
    Fancy I meant those that are obvious software design decisions that you either learn by mistake or meet someone who will teach you how to do it properly. Like SOLID, DoR, DoD, MRO
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    @SortOfTested I think you forgot to mention that it needs to link OPAE with MPF via MMIO with a supported VTP driver chained over two BARs and a CCIP link to the FIU so that you can HDPR the AFU's Y(s) in realtime

    (intel fpga dev is an absolute joy...not)
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    We need to start getting paid by the acronym.
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