I made a thing.

I then turned it into a CodeSandbox template so other people could make the thing.

I then turned it into an npm package.

The thing is a cat clock generator.



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    I imagine this being a dependence of a dependence of a dependence
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    awesome, cool to see this as a npm package. I've thinking for a while to make presentation web app for me, surely will include this 😉 of course linking that to your repo
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    @ComputersAreBad As a generally dependency-avoidant creature, it thankfully only depends on gsap, itself.
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    @AmyShackles I have a question, why one leg of Green kitty is Red?
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    @F1973 It’s just the default kittehs to demonstrate configurability. One of the cats has a singular blue eye, unless I changed that like an idiot, too.
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    @AmyShackles Oh wait there are three pussy cats.

    Yes, Blue eye confirmed.
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