Taking my company's Security training... One of the rules was don't download unauthorized programs.

Find except we're devs so if we really need a program we could write our own that does the same thing

But yes lots of things mentioned we shouldn't do that well I think any sane person would do...

Wondering are they trying to make everyone quit or is this like double speak?

Do all companies do this?

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    Basically nothing anyone ever does makes sense, so. Yeah.
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    I worked for a company that blocked access to Ubuntu repos for servers I was maintaining. It was hell getting work done there.
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    Depends on your company, but honestly you can probably get away with downloading what you need if you can justify it. I worked with a guy once who installed Linux without partitioning, and totally bypassed our (shitty, slow, unnecessary) security software. It was causing NPM installations to run for like 8 minutes, and where does that time get billed? Lol
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    They lifted that ban on engineers when It got tired of being hounded by devs for admin rights to install tools... So basically make it a daily nag, they give up 😅
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