University highlight

Professor: I uploaded 25 C exercises with a 3 week deadline at eclass.

*4 hours later* Me: I completed the exercises.

Professor: ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O'RLY?

Me: Let me show you


Professor : Feel free to skip class for the rest of the month

Well played!

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    Been there done that
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    @jckimble what's this now? A contest?!
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    Happened to me at college. We had his two hours of class and then other two hours of another class then we were free to go home. During his two hours I did the other class and went home earlier for the rest of the year.
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    I skipped a whole semester worth of OOP classes and aced the exam at the end :P
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    Happened something like this During DS viva this sem:
    I answered 5/6 questions correctly but my professor gave me full because of outstanding performance during lab classes :P
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    Dude I just didn't come to most of the courses, never asked for permission...
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    I had a Java class and a bit or so years back, the teacher uploaded all the assignments for the year into the e-learning portal, the day before the class started. They were so easy I'd finished them all before the first class started.
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    Assuming there's no colleges programming will be easy 😁
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    4 week Java coursework. Never done Java before. Completed in 4 hours with 98%. Lost 2% for an unused trst variable I accidentally left in. That had 0 effect. Damnit.
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    Is this supposed to be funny?
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