Can anyone Tell me. Is there any way to use node js with MySQL or Mongo Db on TERMUX Android.

If you Help me. I will be very thankful to you.
I want to learn but I don't have computer.

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    I know to use node js in TERMUX. But I want to use it with database. How can I use database in Android
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    Thanks for your precious time
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    Unless your NodeJS app is capable to directly connect, you need a DB connector. However, I don't know if you can easily install a DB server like MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL on Android/ARM.
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    I have installed mysql in termux. And now I am using it with node js.
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    @VinayakWebDev Can you tell me how you did it. Some person might want to do the same thing and you can help him
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    @AkshayTolwani doing everything on termux is limiting. https://hetzner.cloud//...
    Here you can get a server for free (choose the lowest cloud server, CX11 i think, and the free credits will last for months). Then you can connect via ssh and install everything you need!
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    Yes I would like to share my knowledge.

    Steps -
    The first step to install database -

    Install MySQL in TERMUX by command " pkg install mariadb"


    Or There A simple way also is a app on Google Play Store which gives run php + MySQL. So you can Start it's server and enjoy Node Js with phpmyadmin. Isn't it cool.
    App link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/...

    Now it's turn for second and main step -
    Installating Node Js
    You can simply install node js on TERMUX by using this command : " pkg install nodejs ".

    And Now You are all set to use Nodejs with a database on Android.

    I Hope This Will Help A Lot Of People.
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    But I am still finding a way to use Mongo Db with node js on Android.
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    @VinayakWebDev For mongodb you could use mongodb atlas for free. In nodejs as far as I know to connect to mongodb there is a url so you copy paste the mongodb url from mongodb atlas and use it as if it was running locally there just the latency will be slightly higher as long as you choose to deploy mongodb atlas to your nearest region
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    @AkshayTolwani Thanks 😊 for telling this

    I will definitely try it.
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