Sometimes I wonder how long it will take for society to stop starting every. single. conference call with "Hello? Helloooo? ... Can you hear me? I can year you!". Like it's a semaphore tower, or a shortwave radio communication to the dark side of the fucking moon.

I mean... what the ever-loving fuck. This technology has been around for 20 years now, how is it still so god damn broken, inconsistent and unreliable that we actually still all do this?

I'm sure after 20 years even Antonio Meucci and Alexander Graham Bell were no longer starting every damn phone call that way. GOD DAMNIT!

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    I mean, it is polite to say "Hello", but others definitely shouldn't respond to it in a similar fashion. The "Can you hear me" phrase is cringe, I agree on that.
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    @lamka02sk But can you hear me or not?
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    @alexbrooklyn how about "can you hear me or not? because I cannot hear you"
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    I don't agree. Mic checks are good if they are done fast. Nothing worse than talking about something and realize someone can't hear you.

    Do. Not. Make. Me. Repeat. Myself.

    Also, you know it's not always working... you're not fooling me.
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    Just 2 days ago, the mic check was essential, turned out an out of org couldn't speak, he had to call in. For something that we've had a while to perfect, it's still notoriously broken.

    Heck, I have to remember to check that the right input is selected, because apparently 2 mics is a novel idea in 2020.
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