YouTubers that beg you to like and subscribe. "SmASh tHaT LiKE buTTon and DoN'T FOrgEt to SubSCRIbe." Maybe focus on creating good and consistent content rather than whining like a little bitch about how I should subscribe to your channel, and I'll consider if it's worth subscribing to your content.

I just

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    It is my impression that the channels who does that are catering towards kids.
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    Kinda pointless anyway these days. Youtube tends to just recommend channels that I've watched recently anyway, regardless as to whether I'm subscribed - and it's watch time, not subscriptions that Youtubers are paid on.
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    The problem is that there are numbers that show that nagging viewers to like, comment, and subscribe is actually effective.
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    "okay Guys, Go ahead and smash that ++ button and dont forget to comment see you in the next episode of 'insert rant here' "
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    Personally, I find it much more annoying when a channel suddenly interrupts his content (which is usually riddled with youtube ads already unless you have a premium account or an adblocker) to inform me about the merits of playing Raid Shadow Legend or using NordVPN.
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    Promotion is one thing and creation is other. You have to carry both together for growth.
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    they do it because it works.
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    So fucking right 😂, I started blocking content creators who overdo it from my account.
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    Why do they call themselves "content creators"? Is it a well established term from way before youtube or is it just job title insecurity?
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