Client be like:

could you please restore our database from today's backup?

At a first glance - nothing out of the ordinary. Daily backups are standard...

Until we get the backed up snapshot running.

MySQLDump is somehow... Stuck. It... Doesn't seem to be doing... Like, anything. For ages. Wtf.

So we check the database. Connect, change scheme and... The commandline tool gets stuck, too. Weird.

So a layer lower, we check the datadir and... ls... After also getting stuck for a bit, lists about 500k files O_o

Yea, dumping a database with roughly ~250k tables is not fun. No wonder it takes ages.

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    Imagine restoring 1M.
    The pain is real there.
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    I have seen some shit in my life, but 250k tables?

    This makes me question what's actually stored in that thing.

    1 table per user? I've seen that before...
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    Who the fuck needs 250k tables?!
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    Guys wordpress multisite can **easily** go beyond 1M.

    Ofc if you have that much in a single schema you are pretty much fucked for good.
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    @RustyCookie tables? What the fuck does WP create so many tables for
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    @eval 10 tables per blog plus any tables plugins create.
    So, with plugins taken into account, 20 tables per blog are not uncommon.
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    @eval I wish I had a clue.
    Doing a SELECT * on the tables returns nothing.

    Maybe a bug in the app? Might be manually created temporary tables or something. Most of the tables' names were 32 chatacters from the hexadecimal range...
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    @RustyCookie ok that makes sense but that would mean you run 50k blogs on a single DB?! I cannot get my head around how that would happen/make sense.
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    @eval inexperience, ignorance, mismanagment, bad planning.

    Got some stories about how you can hit 2M tables actually...
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    @RustyCookie i wanna hear the story
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    @RustyCookie what the hell? How? What kind of webapp from hell created that monstrosity?!
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    You know ... WordPress XD
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    I cannot wrap my mind around those numbers 🤯
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    250k tables, and no one is fixing this shit?

    F for respect
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