Web services that require Windows or MacOS?!?! Why!?
(Why, and also FU)

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    -> starting my win7 partition (first time in like two years), upgrading Firefox from version 30 (!).
    One hour later, after 5 restarts of Firefox, still checking for addon compatibility...
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    WTF! Service down for "monthly release activities"! FOR SIX FREAKING HOURS!!!

    Just when I complied with a Windows system and an up to date browser!
    😥😱😐😒🤔😐😣😫😲😷🤕🤢😖😤😭😨👿 🖕🖕🖕🖕
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    @Letmecode sorry I left you hanging, it was kind of confidential until today: the tool is a personality analysis tool that a recruiter uses. I bet they pay big money for it, yet it's done like it's 1998 again.
    I booted and updated my win partition for the first time in 3 years (took a loooong time), took the test, bitched about it a little. Got the job!

    Resigned today!
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    @Letmecode sure, a new gig is a good thing! Thanks!
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