I gotta vent.

I really really don’t like Microsoft’s “incredible journey” into open source. I have to use their shit at work, I have to use it at home. Why the fuck the do they have to control every god damn thing and hold IT people hostage. Holy fuck it is so bad, and it is systemic. As if corporate/marketing gives a flying fuck about open source. It is bullshit. Prove me wrong.

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    They did it because they want all the code to train their neural shit to make their ides the best.

    What exactly changed for you since ms bought GitHub and npm?
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    soo.. what shit do you have to use thats so bad?
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    We don't prove people wrong for holding a personal opinion. 😛
    It's fair that you don't like it. It'd also be fair if you did. You know, it's not science, it's personal preference about some product. Corporate doesn't give a flying fuck, which is why you must stop using it if u don't like it. They're not mind readers, you know. They're not even smart enough to know not to ruin open source.
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    teams, office, SharePoint, Windows, azure, powershell the list goes on...
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    @uyouthe github purchase is one example - if you have an idea for an app is the expectation now that it should be open source? Look at the situation with the guy who made the package management system for Windows.
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