Besides assorted craft materials and PC my desk has a dual purpose crocheted rubber duck: it serves as a pin cushion and my debugging friend! I made him and he has lived there since my first year of university.
I also keep a mug from my university, scented candles, notepad and pen (for all my tech savvy-ness, quick notes are still better handwritten) and whatever crafty project I'm working on.

My desk is honestly a mess (I have to clear it ~three times a week to have any space to work on) but they say creative people have messy workstations so I take my inability to keep an orderly environment as an expression of my creativity.

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    Well it sure is creative. It would be difficult for someone else to reproduce the mess on your desk.
    Even then, it wouldn’t have the authenticity that your desk does. The history. The stories. The exact events which resulted in the objects being in the positions in which they are.
    I do agree with the notes part. Anytime before I code, I always have the idea on paper. Sometimes I just randomly write down thoughts and ideas. I use a pencil though. (My fear of commitment at play.)
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