Cocktail recipes list:

1. "Google's Ethics"

Take an empty glass
Add nothing
Cocktail is ready!

This cocktail is also known as "CPP – The Good Part", "Jumble Function Security" and "The Profit of Unit Testing".

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    Why so much hate towards Cpp?
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    @iiii implements everything but implements nothing good, two arbitrary libraries have 99% chance of being incompatible, no standards and conventions whatsoever, heavy subsetting among companies. If you write cpp and you go to other company that “writes cpp”, you can understand nothing because you write two completely different languages that share only the syntax
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    @iiii if you know json that doesn’t mean you can configure npm or any tool that use json right away. Same with cpp.
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    @uyouthe for latest CPP standards it's fair to state it implements lots of stuff but weird AF.
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    "jumble function security" lol😂.. still didn't get over it eh?
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    @linus-torvald elisha-gras.html flashbacks eh
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