My daughter made me two things:
1) She found a rock in the shape of an “alien” head. Knowing I love to research UFOs, she used nail polish to decorate the rock like an alien. And I just love it!

2) I have a reputation for being just like Charlie Brown with my luck in life. I also suck at math. Like, really, really bad. I was diagnosed with dyscalculia 22 years ago. It’s a running joke at our house such that I even have the t-shirt she depicts me wearing in this painting of “me” she did for my birthday.

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    That's adorable. Enjoy those years ☺️
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    Not enough people appreciate nice rocks! Tell her she did good
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    @unclesam I've used math crutches of various kinds as long as I can remember. I definitely rely on spreadsheets and calculators. I would love to have a word with my crusty math teachers who told me I couldn't rely on calculators because "they're going to be too big to carry everywhere". (I definitely had a wristwatch calculator in the 80s).

    I do some programming, but mostly copy/paste/rearrange. Hardly any from scratch. I get the concepts but my execution suffers when complicated logic is involved. Never fully grasped OOP. My crutch there was to move into management so I could hire people better than me to do it. It worked out well because I have made a successful career out of finding the right people for the jobs I understood well enough but wasn't capable of executing 100% on my own. That scales better for me. :)
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