someone on discord asked me "why do you code for such shit computers? they can't even play games and you can only do one thing at a time, just program for new computers"

because if i'm gonna suffer in the name of curiosity i'm gonna make shit for other people to look at thx

back to suffering from a 1KB RAM limit

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    Do you suffer more from those people or from the RAM limit though?
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    What are you coding btw?
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    @Rotten RAM limit by far, and whatever I can get a ZX81 to run (I may throw the 16KB expander in there to ease my pain tho)
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    While it's an odd hobby...

    I like it.

    The reason should be more: Why not?

    I am convinced that when some devs would learn more of computer history they'd be better devs.

    Many shitty devs have really no background knowledge of history at all - and since they don't know the evolution of computers and programming, they ... completely lack a certain... mindset?!

    Don't know how to translate or put this into words.

    If you ever had a discussion where every second thought you had was: Dude - this didn't work in the past, it won't work now just because you want it to.
    Maybe even better:
    Yes - it might seem trivial, but if you _knew_ how many decades it took to become this trivial, you would shut the fuck up...

    Some things have just become so easy to use that devs don't think at all.
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    @IntrusionCM couldn't agree more.
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