When there is no way to test the code you have written.... I cannot help but stress my arse off...

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    I never have written tests for any of my code because I don't even know how, I just test my shit manually
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    @filthyranter well I have to write a service layer, not knowing anything from the front end... Unable to test my api calls... There is no way to test anything.... I cannot even confirm that the calls are communicating with each other as they should or if there are any unusual errors present... On top of it all, this is an existing project I'm working on... So i didnt create anything, I just have to add and refine, and believe me, it's not as easy as just following and reading code, code is everywhere, unused code was said to be present.. So how do I know what I'm doing is even right or will work...
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    @GhostDev That's something different then. That's code that needs to be refactorized.
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    @filthyranter only one problem... No can haz time... Plus I only started on it at number 99... But the challenge has been accepted.
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