Sorta related to previous rant

Get message from recruiter on LinkedIn around 10 last night "Are you available immediately? I need a Java dev urgently based in [my city]. Please to [email address]"

I reply, send email, accept connect request

See the post they made about position , literally says "Apply today, interview tomorrow, start Monday"

I could really do with this. Made sure to be up and about by 9 in case phone rings/to reply promptly

Hear nothing back. Check in around mid day "Yes, I got your CV. My emails have been flooded. Will get to it asap" Well, that was yesterday, still nada

Linked post is about other challenges in my job hunt with a different recruiter

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    Sorry to hear that man - it sucks.

    Honestly though, I really wouldn't waste too much effort, or get hopes up too much on any kind of linkedin recruiter. While there are good ones out there, by far the most that you'll have are ones that stuff you with mindless recruiter spam where there's little hope of you getting the role (which is often hugely overhyped anyway.)

    Not saying don't respond, especially if you're out of work - totally understand wanting to grab an opportunity like that with open arms.

    Just don't trust recruiters.
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    Yes I learned that the hard way, recruiter emails are basically spam.

    They pay a shit ton of money for those recruiter accounts like 50k per year per login.

    I do find using premium is helpful if you get the free month. I was able
    to directly connect to the hiring manager.

    Really if you can get past recruiter or HR then finding a job is easier.
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