For couple of days I have noticed that when i roll over my left eye. It causes a little pain. nothing else. just when i rollover and try to look up. I think may be because I am starring at the monitor way too much. Have anyone ever experienced anything similar?

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    It's just eye strain. Pop some pills and avoid straining your peripheral motion for a few weeks.
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    @SortOfTested yeah. Also I have been working late at night for couple of months now. always sleeping at around 3 am. May be I will just take a few weeks break from all these.
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    Just Google the symptoms.

    WebMD already knows it's cancer.

    On a serious note, it should be eye strain and keep lubricating your eyes (frequent wash with water or eye drops).

    More screen off time.

    Eye exercises.

    And yes, stop watching granny porn.
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    @F1973 haha you got me. But i will see a doctor soon if i don't feel any better
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    @unicorndev Hope your doctor isn't too old. We wouldn't want to make things worse, eh
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    @unicorndev also it sounds like you have hypochondria.
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    @F1973 That or Hypermalaria (hopefully Neptunian and not Tritonian). Have you been to space recently, OP?
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    Yep got it too. Its more like the slight pain you get from trying to look at your own nose. It could also be related to someone not typically looking up to the right or to the left when they are thinking. (which is a body language thing I cant remember a t the top of my head)
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