I got a new job at a dev agency. I’m filling a guy’s position, he left the week before I started. Really wish we’d had some overlap because I’m in the dark, taking on his projects. Also, he didn’t document much. As a web developer I’m competent, but how am I supposed to know where he hid design files, what got decided in phone conversations related to a ticket I inherited, etc? Dude really fucked me. It’s been a week!

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    Wait a bit and look around before passing judgement. See if anyone else there is documenting anything. I've worked with places that viewed it as an unnecessary expense at best, at worst a way to make them own their mistakes. It was infuriating.
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    Do a google search for "System Mapping". It's a method of getting up to speed fast with complex topics
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    @SortOfTested You’re right, I forgot to mention though that I’ve been at this for a month now
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