DirectX. Just plainly because DirectX is _used_ and propagated comercially. That lured game developers to it and glued them to Windows.

If I could change something in the past, I'd want to switch Win to Linux as a game platform. There's practically no sane reason to fix yourself to a single platform, especially to Windows. Hell, I'd even go for Mac because it uses OpenGL!

And don't give me that fancy DirectX 12 description you've seen on some Microsoft's or "professional" gaming website. DirectX is evil.

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    I only wish that Vulkan takes over soon :x
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    Shout out to Valve, Steam, and OpenGL
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    Well, hasn't steam started converting for Mac or something? If games had been playable on Linux, if have been a Linux user since day one. Too bad games are too important to me to give up..
    That and Adobe software needs to be compatible too. I know there are four Mac, don't know about Linux though. But yeah, need that stuff for filmmaking and photography.
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    @Saborknight Steam have thousands of titles for Linux and osx
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    Well, I found out the other that Microsoft's big exclusive title was actually made for Mac first.. and it is the sole reason for xbox existence pretty much.

    One big title in openGL, linux compatible nVidia drivers for the latest GPUs and I think it could very well be the beginning of the end for direct x
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