Trying to pay all my bills several months in advance to minimize stress for at least a couple of months and focus on studying, polishing my portfolio, and other hobbies. It's so fucking hot outside, the lines are too long, and the people are.. there. They fall in line and chatter like monkeys possessed by the devil. You'd think the face mask and face shield combination would stop them but no.

Even outside of these transactions, just riding the elevator is annoying, it's the little things like someone standing too close to you when there are literally stickers on the floor on where people should stand to avoid crowding. Pandemic or not, fuck off. Just stay the fuck away from me or anybody. There are five people inside, there's no reason for us to touch. If I wanted your skin on me, I'd wear it.

Now you start gossiping with your BFF and all the juicy details just can't wait until you get off. All that fucking high pitched sound bouncing off the walls of this tiny elevator and hitting the back of my head like a giant gong. There's even a sign at the back of the elevator saying "no talking". When that didn't work, they put the sign in the sides too. Read the fucking clue.

What's the alternative? Pay shit online? Bank websites are often down, generate OTPs a few hours after you need them, or just downright annoying. If your goal is to develop something to add more stress to people, bravo. I guess the only option is to minimize interactions offline or online.

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    What country doesn’t allow paying bills online in 2020? Even here in Russia only the elderly still pay offline because they don’t even have or want internet. Everybody else pays online
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    @uyouthe I didn't say it wasn't allowed. I said the sites are often down or just a pain to use.
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    can't relate. Poland has 22nd century internet banking while being a 19th century country. 👋
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    I can relate about people not following proper social distancing. Too bad they never take that seriously 😔
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    @rutee07 if you want to people to stay 6+feet away from you and to keep their chatter down in your presence, simply adopt "steampunk style". No one talks to someone wearing a bronze tipped top hat and a monocle with a sword on the hip. Their conversations will invariably become whispers about "what the fuck...".

    And you should be able to handle most things online. I'd consider a new bank.
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    Just pay online in the morning 7-9. In my case it's usually faster. Late afternoon and midnight until morning seems like the banks are doing systems upgrade.
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