Be good at job, have lazy coworkers who can't be bothered getting into the project. End up developing most of it. End up having to do client meetings as well because you've come to be the only one who knows how it works. Start to get tired after being relied on for everything. Be pressured to work late because now you're the only one who can fix it... Other devs just tinkering around the edges. Get refused leave requests because deadline after deadline. Work morning till night feeling increasingly burned out, Covid curfew means you can't even leave the house during the week, start to go insane. Leave request refused again. Ok I haven't had any time off in a while year now. Fuck this. Quit. Company sorry, try to keep you. How about no.

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    It has always puzzled me why companies seem to punish their best workers. I've seen this happen too many times. People who want easy money just go to work every day and refuse to learn so they have an excuse to avoid responsibilities.
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    @rutee07 Poor management who likely have a lazy mentality or afraid of conflicts or just not perceptive enough to employee needs? The employees complain more and I've seen poor management cave in just to stop the noise. A poor manager will not care/ maybe are afraid to call-out on bad employee's bullshit because that's just conflict. Unfortunately the diligent ones are silent, do better work and therefore get relied on more until the person becomes like Atlas carrying the whole work together. A manager with poor understanding of work complexity + employee needs thinks the silence means it is okay and will continue to give out imbalanced workload until diligent employee snaps and creates noise. And I almost forgot office politics and favoritism. Some people somehow still get special treatment, just because.
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    Been there, done that, regret big time but got a major skill boost while at it.
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    @K-hole talk to your project manager, team lead, manager or whover in rank that can help delegate the work. Or even better...email them so it is on record. If you stay silent you are the only one who loses. Create noise and be heard.
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    @iamai I dunno, I'm of the class that if I have to tell you how to do your job cos you refuse to pay attention to the fact that a single person is handling everything, then the future is not going to be bright.

    How can you trust someone who you have to tell to look at the obvious signs? Work is a battlefield and I ain't standing on the frontlines for a commander who's not even watching the war
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    @sudocode because not everyone has the immediate capacity to simply quit in the middle. You play the cards you have.
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