I'm learning functional programming for the first time with Elm and I kinda like it, it's just so different from what I'm used and kinda refreshing. My brain is getting a bit twisted though... I'll probably need a few weeks/months to adjust the way I think about code, but I'm liking the mental exercise so far, loving those moments where stuff just "clicks".

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    Heck yes! I love this feeling! Excited for you!
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    What @AmyShackles said!
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    It’s the feeling of transitioning from an ugly caterpillar into a majestic Machaon.

    Elm is a bit unusual tho even among functional languages. I’d recommend Clojure. The shortcut is refs, atoms and agents, also clojurescript, leiningen, re-frame
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    What @AmyShackles and @Root said!

    I also started learning FP not long ago, when given an opportunity to solve a problem with free hands, so I went with F#. While it twists my brain (still, even tho I started applying FP already quite a while ago in a JS project) and at moments it feels overwhelming, those moments when it just clicks... So good. Also, I've never written cleaner code before.
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    The thing I love about FP/pure functions is that everything is isolated. You only need to break your head at solving the problem at hand, and the rest are problems for later.

    It works in your head, it works in your unit testing kit. It works for your planning/kanban. It works for your procrastination/work switching. It just fucking works and its amazing.
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