People that dont use slack threads.
Fuck em.

"Yeah, lets use slack, it is much more organized and will improve structured conversation"

And then they never fuckn use the god damn CORE feature but dump their replies into the channel like monkeys throwing their shit around everywhere except in the place the shits supposed to go.

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    The problem is that its often easier to just write the reply in the main stream of the channel, starting a thread is less obvious, and unless you have experienced the problem of interleaved topics its might not seem necessary.

    So for very short “threads” its not obviously good, and if it takes of into a thread its to late to get it collected.

    A more visible and distinct “reply in thread” button might help.

    I know we use threads occasionally, but we often just make channels more specific and avoid the problem :)
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    I've been suggesting that we use something similar at work. Currently, we have five messaging apps with different group chats. I hate it so much. I'm only active in one.
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    That's just next level queue jumping.
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    You're way better off. Here they make us use WhatsApp. I didn't have a second number on that day, and therefore had to enter my personal number into the database.
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