i have a 2*2*2 cube, rubik's snake, a compass, and a green laser pen. I love my laser pen. I point it at the sky during night, always keep with myself.

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    Like the laser cuz u a cat?
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    Random Pilot: "Ah shit! Now I'm blind"
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    @scout bought few more combination puzzles in lockdown.
    the one on the top, which is jumbled, that's 3*3 mastermorphix. the bottom most, which is circular on the top is Fisher's cylinder. i usually keep one of them on my desk, just showing for now. my brother has took my laser pen to show to his friends.
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    @littleKitty wow. That snake cube looks fascinating! I wonder how it works?
    Show us the laser pen when u have it. I’ll show you my cubes some time! I used to hoard them 3 years ago. Solved only a few, but bought many just for collecting.
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