That moment when google ranks gmail with a low speed score... oofff...


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    Well I'm sure Google will say it's your fault.
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    It is not a surprise at all. Gmail is one of the fattest web apps I've used so far

    Surprisingly, desktop version is given a much better score
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    Google Analytics is absolutely awful too.
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    That's nothing. My new tab page (tab.gladly.io) ranks 8 on mobile (but 69 on desktop)
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    @Conrad The large PNG is a really bad idea, and then even scaled down in the browser, which is also bad for the other images. That's why the page is so bloated.

    Use the picture tag instead, choose WebP (supports transparency) in appropriate dimensions as primary format, and PNG only as fallback for legacy browsers like IE and Safari.
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    It's not GMail it's the login screen. And these are utility apps, you need them, so it won't matter even if it's slow.
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    @theabbie This.

    PageSpeed test is for all intents and purposes a static website tester/analyzer that gives you recommendations which areas to look for improvements based on rendered end-result. Or at least it used to be... it was created in an era prior to the term "Web Application" (in the sense that it is understood today) and up to some point pre-HTML5 (some called it Web 2.0 even) a side project accompanied it with NGINX and Apache web server modules that aimed to speed up / optimize web resource loading. Last I heard of PageSpeed was when it was announced the Chrome PageSpeed integration and Extensions would be removed and/or discontinued because most if not all PageSpeed recommendations had become the norm in the modern "Web 2.0" with the wide adoption of HTML5 and CSS3. Personally I didn't even know the project still existed.
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