Are there any good Game engines which use C-Programming Language?

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    why C? isn't it better to use a bit more higher level language for the game logic while the engine (the most performance sensitive part) is already done?
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    AFAIK, Unreal uses C++, Unity uses C#...
    You can try making your own stuff by using something like allegro or similar stuff, but... WHY?
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    Well.. there is SDL, though strictly speaking it is not a game engine.
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    I know of this guy on YouTube who makes a game in C, not C++.
    Not sure what exact engine he's using but may be worth looking into.

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    @LotsOfCaffeine from the comments of the video about porting it to a new engine: the engine is Telescope

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    But why C
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    You might wanna try C++ instead for game dev
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    ... but why would you? And don't answer "C is the only language I know/I'm good at" => time to learn a new language (for game programming C++, C# or Rust. Other options exist, too)
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    @Unieo-Corp, I just noticed you had Lua mentioned in your profile. That reminded me:


    Haven't watched it, but I guess you could make games in Lua if you wanted to
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    Funny, I thought this community hated stackoverflow for always giving “don't do X, do Y instead"?
    And now half of the comments in this thread are exactly that
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