Python's is unbelievably good. I guess I took it for granted because in many other languages it's impossible to find the official documentation, or if you do it's too formal because the language is a "standard" not a fucking ACTUAL LANGUAGE. When I tried to learn Ruby, what mostly stopped me was being unable to find what I was looking for.

I think it's an SEO thing because once I've found it, it generally answers my question. The top result is always from some bullshit blog or tutorial site, whereas in Python the right thing is always front and center.

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    Why not go directly to the good source without a search engine?
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    Hey don't bully the ruby docs. They are awesome. The standard library is very well documented. Same goes for the state of the art arts gems. In the case of smaller gems it's as with every other language. Either the dev writes docs or he doesn't.

    Only thing I don't realy like is that there is no unified way to view the docs.
    Something like rust does it would be epic. Where every published crate (gem) to the standard repo will automatically have its docs build and made available via docs.rs
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    I don't think something qualifies as good documentation when you have to google for the answer...
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    I really hate having to work in php. There is so much inconsistencies in the language design. But.. The docs of php are the best I have ever seen. Commenting on docs is ingenious.
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