Am I the only one who's excited about JetBrains Rider? Good alternative to clumsy VS imo.

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    I am. And not because it's an alternative to VS, but because I've been using WebStorm for a long time and can carry over a lot of shortcuts and generally methods of doing stuff. It's still early in its development, but it's very promising.
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    @kamen same opinion here. Even since I don't have any problem with VS (2k15), I'm really a big fan of Jetbrains' IDEs.
    Weird point: if you are a fan of sentai, your username is just a perfect fit for this new IDE :p
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    Thanks - I have to try it.
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    @ebourgess true true.
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    @ebourgess Depends on what you understand by "released". They've been doing closed tests for several months already; they released the first public EAP yesterday. It works, it's generally not buggy, but it's still missing a lot of features.
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    Didn't hear of this before now. Thanks!
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    @andersoyvind you're welcome
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