Ok. FUCK MySQL Workbench.
Most of our products built on MySQL and we just had enough of the tools that we are using for our mysql databases...
We decided to make our own tool :)

If it goes well, we plan to open source it. Would you guys be interested in it?
We planned the following features:
1. Schema editing
2. Schema versioning
3. Update/downgrade script generation to move easily between schema versions
4. Manual/auto sync
5. Might include our own replication solution too...

What do you think?

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    Sounds interesting, though I have to say I never had any issues with MySQL Workbench. What are your problems with it?
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    @LucaScorpion Random crashes, version mismatch between the mysql server version and the workbench's supported version (probably one of the reasons for said crashes), versioning is a pain in the ass, keeping local databases with remote dev databases in sync is also a pain in the ass, managing schema updates are also hard (multiple customers with multiple installations with different versions).

    At the moment we try and maintain sequential update scripts (v1.0.0 --> v1.0.1 --> v1.0.2 etc) these scripts tend to be 10k lines long or more (big schema, loads of SPs), so chances of human errors are high...
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    Try DataGrip/Sequel Pro maybe?

    My coworkers are using Sequel Pro, which is OSS. But they are not built for Linux :(
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    DBeaver FTW, I can even SSH tunnel to all of our servers, even docker containers and VM's

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    So I am not the only one! Can't wait for your tool.
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    @hexchain DataGrip is a lot better than MySQL Workbench, but it basically offers the same functionality (a lot better though), so it still won't solve most of our issues. And Sequel Pro is not cross platform. We've got this bring your own machine thing going, so we've got everything Windows/Linux/macOS

    What we would like to be able to achieve is basically extract the database schema in a format where we can easily version and compare it.

    for example we would extract all objects form a schema (routines, tables, ...) into a certain structure suitable for putting it under VCS. Then we want to be able to compare 2 schemas together and create a proper update script. (Not the dump data -> drop schema -> create new schema -> load data back type of thing :D) With the ability to maintain data integrity when changing table columns.

    So at the end we would work on this extracted thing and sync our databases with it. :)
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    Working ssh-tunneling plz.......
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    We use DBForge, but the licence only lasts a year or so...
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    We'll have a logo in a couple of weeks. It's at the designer.

    When you have a logo it's official 🙂
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