Am I the only one who does not like to use the Internal tools of company? In my company they have almost everything made by themselves.
I do not see any benefit for my skills, and above this the documentation sucks.

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    I have not been in one company where the internal tools don't suck. It gets worse if they use Excel for everything.
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    Oh, oh, I remember a story two companies ago. We used a spreadsheet to log our build tickets, the assigned developer, and the estimated hours. We are a team with 30+ developers and since we can't modify it at the same time, we use a Skype group chat to setup a queue on who's next.

    IT GETS WAAAY BETTER. We have another spreadsheet where we log our actual hours. Same shit so now you have two group chats with people just saying "I'm done" and a list of names with arrow keys between them to act as a queue.

    It's so awesome because sometimes people don't know there's already a queue and starts new group chats! Then some people go out to eat and forget they are in the queue so others get stuck.

    INNOVATION. Take that! I lost my sanity in that company. I legit needed a psychiatrist towards the end.
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    @rutee07 thank God they don't. I already dread using them.
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    @rutee07 is right, they all suck balls. Usually start as a genuine effort to be better than all alternatives, and then realise that's never going to be the case, abandon before any kind of refinement has taken place to cut losses, and then demand that everyone uses it as they've spent so much money on it.

    Depends on the flavour as to whether I put up with it. If it's like, HR tools, random deployment tools, random plugins, etc. then I'll probably just lump it. If we're talking a custom framework or even language then no way, since I don't want to spend my day job learning something that's completely useless.
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    @rutee07 haha this is something interesting. Although I meant the internal dev tools, should have clarified 😅
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    I hate the tools if it breaks more than once while using it. Usually websites that are too slow to load or ends in error. Or reimbursement process which takes more than 30 minutes to complete. Sometimes they send emails to do some settings changes or updates, those are just ignored until someone monitors if we have done them or it affects work.
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    My company pays a hefty sum to have a conglomerate of outdated versioning and ticketing software, just so that they can call it theirs and have someone to blame for the daily occurrences of it not working properly.

    The web UI for it is slow AF, but makes sure that you need at least 20 clicks to get to whatever you want, because why make it simple when you can make it complicated ?
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    Depends.... At my first job they gave me any work so all I did was build internal tools for my team. Kinda enjoyed it.
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    I'm happy to say that the internal tools in my company mostly don't suck (too much).
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