Things I'm half decent at: Writing code
Things I am absolutely the worst at: Managing projects

Things I got employed for: Writing code
Things I do: Managing projects

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    I'm lead to believe doing more of something will help make you be better at it. Hope they gave you a mentor to guide you in managing projects.
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    I'm in the same boat as a:
    Mobile developer - requirements engineer - webdesigner - tester - techwriter

    Can update linkedin on the daily but MEH
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    Don't worry - "Do <insert task X> as Code" is on the rise ... you got "manage infra as Code", "manage network as code" ... I'm sure there's even "manage your garden as code", surely you can run "Management as Service" and "Manage projects as code".
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    @iamai I truly admire your optimistic attitude.

    I see my past self in you.
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    @theKarlisK I spotted that trend too! Hopefully I'll someday get a manager in code, that way I can always enhance said code to better suit my needs 😆🤭
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    @F1973 Each scenario has multiple branches...we can look at what we want to see or we can try to see further. I just like to do both.
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    @iamai This.

    I am talking about this philosophical outlook.
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    @F1973 I guess at the end it's just going to be...whatever floats our boat. :)

    I won't immediately call it optimism, just one part of the scenario. Highlighting one scenario doesn't mean the others don't exist. My "optimism" has its limits as well.
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    @iamai so now you are going from being optimistic to realistic. Nice.
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    The "optimism" is not meant to downplay the OP or set a "good" theme. Pft!

    Swear away!
    Rant away!
    Go berserk!

    I'm cool 😎🙃
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    Hey man, if they're paying you then you're managing projects well enough.
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    @karma "FOSS Manager" xD
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    I honestly don't think I can do it, I couldn't even organise my own weekend holidays without setting my house on fire and any kind of management just puts me in a state of panic.
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    @msdsk then tell your manager. You don't have to do things you don't want. :)
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    Hmmmmmmmm ........
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    @iamai you obviously don't know my manager
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    @karma yeah depends on the manager. Not sure of it's possible for you but could also consider another team or workplace.
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    Haha, same! So lost :D
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    @iamai I quite seriosuly do
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    @msdsk yeah, if you really have to do it then just mind your health. ranting really helps :)
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