I'm considering leaving my current job, but am afraid that I might have a hard time transitioning into a new employer given the pandemic and all.

Has anyone switched jobs during this time and have any advice for someone looking to do the same? Or should I really wait until the next year or so when it's "safer" to go outside?

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    Ask yourself why you want to leave. It could be a passing mood at work. Maybe you're burned out about something. I was in your place just a few weeks ago and I've considered dropping without a backup. Now I realize how stupid that would have been since my problem was resolved by simply being honest to my team and talking things through.

    To think that I almost sacrificed job security over something that can be resolved easily still got me punching my own head sometimes.
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    It's usually easier to get a job, when you already have one.

    You don't have to leave, to get a new job, or just test the waters.
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    Yes, I switched - left my old employer of a number of years, and moved elsewhere a few months back.

    If you want to move, then I'd advise:

    - Making sure it's *really* worth you moving. If it's a "meh, fancy a change" type feeling then I'd wait.
    - Having a few months worth of savings at least, just in case it all goes to pot (though this is generally good advice anyway.)
    - Doing your research on the company you're moving to, and making sure it's stable financially.
    - Making sure you're prepared to work hard, give a good impression and make yourself invaluable when you get there, especially throughout any probation (should always be the case, but if you're too passive when working remotely it's easy to look like you're not doing much)
    - Make sure the project you'll be working on is a long term one, and preferably a critical one that's again, not likely to go anywhere.
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    You may of course not manage to line *all* these up in the way that you like, but they're good things to think about and consider. In my case I wasn't desperately unhappy at my old job, but I had a lot of responsibility for a decent-ish, but not fantastic salary - and there was little in the way of promotion opportunities.

    I've since moved to a large organisation with *less* overall responsibility but nearly double the pay, working on replacing a critical piece of their infrastructure, on a way more modern and interesting stack, working alongside a really smart team. It's also greenfield development, which is always more fun. The company are also doing incredibly well during the pandemic, so I'm not worried about their finances. YMMV of course, but in my case it was reasonably clear cut.
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    Thank you all for your comments, you've given me a lot to think about. I'll probably stay with current employer unless an absolutely excellent offer (one I'd be nuts to refuse) comes my way.
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