Today I had my first dealings with SOAP + .NET

I want to kill myself.

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    SOAP + anything induces suicide. Who is still using WCF?
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    Aren't there any tools today to proxy SOAP APIs to something more normal?
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    I feel that pain. Working with Oracle’s Netsuite is all SOAP and it was one stupid thing after another.

    Elect me for president in November and I will make SOAP illegal.
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    SOAP?! Welcome to 2002!
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    @hubiruchi Visual Studio can generate alot of boilerplate code, bit I wouldnt say it makes it more usable, just hides the XML

    @AlmondSauce It isnt by choice. All the relavant information I can find are forum posts from 2010 on half shady websites.
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    Man... you think SOAP is bad? Wait till you "upgrade" to working with REST!
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    Please don't summon the demon lord WCF. WCF is he who must not be named for me.
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    It's only usuable if WCF is used with .net solutions, visual studio will just handle that shit and generate classes instead.

    Had to use it once with an Android app, I almost killed myself 😒
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    @SortOfTested Payment gateways.
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