Everywhere I go I see these "Become senior in 3 weeks" courses
That's good and all
But when the fuck will you teach your students to debug and search your errors on google/stackoverflow
This is so fucking ridiculous
Them guys can't even read git push/pull errors and wonder why they make changes to the code but nothing happens

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    3 weeks?

    They're not even advertising 3 months now?

    I'm looking forward to the 10 minute courses.
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    @N00bPancakes Learn C++ in 1 hour
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    Dude 1: "Man I've moved on from C++, it's horrible."

    Dude 2: "I didn't even know you knew C++."

    Dude 1: "Yeah I took a course this morning and learned it sucked."

    Dude 2: "....."

    Granted, that's not that different than what happens already...
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    @N00bPancakes this is kinda sad though
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    Become a master in Java, C, C++ and C# in 5 seconds!

    ...seriously though, the problem is there's people that buy this crap. Once spoke to someone who said he knew all of the above at expert level, and he'd been on a fast track course for 2 months. Next he was moving onto SQL, and he reckoned a week later he was an expert in that too 🙄
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    "Justify employers' search for cheap commodity coders in 3 days. Click here to find out how to become a part of the problem."
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    Pretty much exactly.

    Saw someone on here the other day who was so excited that he was going to be a master in 6 weeks of dotnetcore and ef because pluralsight.

    Meanwhile I'm sitting here with ~20 years experience in the stack being like, "yeah there's still shit I don't know."
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    Those courses are ridiculous. I love how they advertise like a 95% job placement rate too. When in reality what happens is:

    "Give us $10k in 3 months and then teach our classes for $12/hr because nobody will hire you and we want to boast job placement"
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    @CoffeeSnake the camp I took offered me $20 an hour to tutor!

    No idea what they offered for the teaching jobs, but yeah they told some of us to apply.

    I chose otherwise.
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    How To Become Retard In 3 Weeks!
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