I hate it when I took some time composing an email to make it digestible to the monkeys about to receive it only for them to not fucking read it and just send a dumbass standard reply. After the standard reply that doesn't answer shit, they follow it with a "If you have further questions, you may contact blah blah blah." I don't have further questions, you didn't even answer my previous questions. What the fuck did you do?

It would take them several days to respond and don't even make the effort to read the items. It doesn't fucking matter even if you put bullet points or anything. Just don't fucking bother. The only bullet points that matter are the ones made by actual bullets passing through these walking meat bags. The next time I have questions, I'd put it inside the bullets and shoot it straight into your head. There, do you get the point now? Am I getting through to you?

Wasted my fucking time.

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    They don't like to read. But they would be "okay" to talk. So you schedule a meeting on which some would be on sick leave somehow then you reschedule it again and on that rescheduled meeting you just open the email you sent them and basically read it. Then they can tell whoever will not ask too much questions that long standing issue got solved through their hard-work and participation.
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    @iamai Omg yes, or the meeting is such a shitshow because the guy 'has to relay the questions to his colleague' and he has no clue how the program he works with operates
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    @alexbrooklyn the relay, the ping pong, catch me-on-my-work-shift-if-you-can...I want to say it's like the office Olympics but it's more just different types of running away from the issue.
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    I had a manager once who wouldn't read any email if it was longer then 3 lines, didn't matter how important it was, it would take days to reply if it broke into the 4th line.
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    3 lines? That's nuts. What's a few more seconds going to change?
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    I had this very problem just the other day.

    Tried to input my address into a website to order something, it said to click on the correct address.

    Only that part didn't work..

    So had to fill it in all manually.

    So, I send a message to support describing the issue.

    A few days go by, I get a message back indicating they didn't understand me, and saying if it didn't recognise the address, they don't post there..

    But when I entered it manually, they took my money and apparently the item has been posted !

    So we'll see if it arrives..

    Then I might do a video showing the website issue.

    But then, who to report that too ?

    Should I try support again, pointing out that since the item arrived, they obviously do send to that address..

    That the issue is the website, not letting me click on my address when it displays it, and says "click on to verify address"..

    I tried all the mayor browsers, maybe its written to work with an older browser..
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    If you can find the contact details for the boss / owner of the company, that can often get those sort of issues sorted I find.

    But its getting increasely difficult I find to locate those details these days, even though you would think in the information age we are in, it would be easier. !

    So far, all I've found out in my case is that the company was perhaps sold to another company, whose name no one knows..

    Well, that's helpful !

    I miss being able to google and find out Frank owns it, ring him up at home and leave an answerphone message..

    Or one of the top staff's mobile number whilst they are in the toilet and get them to remotely fix it with their phone, whilst doing a number 2..

    If its really close, I could always pop around in person, though that usually results in security throwing me out once they know I'm complaining about something !
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    @Nanos I noticed that address problem is common with websites. I'm not sure why but it's always a pain in the ass. I think support these days are just there to distract you, there are very few exceptions.
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    That bullet points joke was pretty funny, too sad you overdid it in the following sentence.
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