Well, it finally happened.

After 25 years coding in all types of languages and environments, I’m no longer having fun.

It now seems like it’s a fight to get interested in the code. I used to be something that I would spend hours / days doing. Now I just want to walk away from the code.

Is it true (do you think) that after a while all you see is a for loop, an if statement, a null check and you just think to yourself. Fuck this! Because I think I’m there.

God it’s depressing to think that I no longer find it fun.

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    Tho it's been 7 for me, starting a new project is a nightmare for me. I'm still ok working on existing ones. But I think I'm reaching your point soon
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    Happened after three years but instead of not finding joy in coding my mania makes me find joy in literally everything
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    Been programming 25 as well. I got more invigorated by switching from C++ to Python. Learned to turn a game engine into a module in Python (connected the game engine scripting to python as well). Then programmed a lot of python for a few companies. Learned a lot and then back to C++ primarily. Also, I am finally hunkering down and learning a lot more theory. This has made my programming more interesting.

    I get it though. You get stuck and tired of the same old problems.
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    Move to FP for great justice. You'll get pattern matching, and sane types, and null encapsulation, and *morphism 😋

    I haven't written a loop, null check or explicit if statement in years.
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