Multi-rant incoming!


When did that shit become the norm?

I'm lost in ROS smach. Does anyone do multi-threading in ROS services, or should I flip a table on smach? 😒

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    Ours brains like to classify things and people, so we create stereotypes naturally. Not saying it's good or bad (depends a lot on what and the context), just saying it always existed and ever will.

    No idea what the fuck ROS is, but I'm curious now... Off to google!

    PS: random english question, is "always existed and ever will" ok to write or should I write "always existed and always will" instead? The more I think about it the more wrong "ever will" seems to me...
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    Stereotypes are useful and always were a part of us.

    Fight me.

    Kidding. I'm in no mood to debate.
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    Not debating the existence of stereotypes, but it shouldn't be the norm.
    That's a leading factor to discrimination.
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    @neeno "forever" or "evermore" or things like that are more common.
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    @NoMad agreed
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    @NoMad why shouldn't they be present if they are a part of what made humans humans?
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    @iiii you're just making humans sound shit....oh wait, you actually don't interact with people that often anyways 😛
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    @NoMad humans aren't high and mighty as they like to think about themselves.
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    There is a difference between generalization and stereotype. A generalization is how we learn.

    “Cats have four legs, fur, a tail, and are about the size of a loaf of bread.” None of this is accurate for every cat so this is a generalization. A stereotype a generalization used as a rigid structure to reject exceptions to a generalization.

    “Men are stronger than women.” Is a generalization. It is true for the group but is not true on an individual basis.

    “African people can dance.” Is a stereotype. It isn’t accurate but it isn’t inaccurate. Probably isn’t harmful.

    “A she can’t physically abuse him because she is so much smaller than him.”

    Don’t fight the things you can’t fix. You will lose and feel crazy. Worry about the things you can change now and accept people and their failures. A racist needs love and acceptance to change. “Poor of spirit” is a form of poverty and that is where bigotry is birthed.
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    @irene I didn't liked the real irene. You're following that legacy.

    And someone better than me once said "Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it".
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    @NoMad Are you saying generalization, stereotype, or acting on a stereotype is wrong?

    Generalization is how we think. Stereotype is how we unconsciously can have any expectation broken. Acting on a stereotype is how bigotry happens.

    Which do you think is wrong?
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