Finally added the info that I can help people to my website.

If you want me to help you to find a job just dm me https://t.me/uyouthe

If you’re a newbie I’ll add you to slacks where you can learn faster and probably find people who hire juniors

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    You are doing nobel work! Really appreciated my dude.
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    Telegram bad
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    @theabbie you just fucking disrespected what I do by saying that it’s “not much”. You also said that I’m “fucked up” when everyone else supported me, depression is not my fault. You have a reputation of saying controversial things.

    So please don’t comment on my rants, don’t mention me.
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    @uyouthe Okay, I will, just don't be in this misunderstanding
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    devRant algorithm at it again giving me a month old post…
    Just a question, can you also help with internships (especially remote ones)?
    Even if not, what you're doing is amazing. Saw you proposed it for a while now and missed multiple times the occasion to say how nice of you it is to do that
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    @CodeTalker thanks 😊 of course I can post your resume with a note that you’re looking for an internship. I also can suggest places where it’s more likely to find an internship than an actual job
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    @uyouthe Alright, nice! Thank you!
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    @kiki I apologize for necroposting (again) but this is the only way I can ask you: I wanted to add you on Telegram but I couldn't find you. Are still doing it?
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    @kiki Thank you! Just sent you a message
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