"we use cookies to give you a better experience on our site"

A better experience? Really?

It looks like you're using more than 100 external parties for whatever fucking reason. It is nearly impossible to disallow these, except for some stuff like analytics, which I don't like since it includes mass surveillance parties like Google and Facebook, but I'd at least, to some extent, understand that better.
But, the amount of dark pattern here is staggering and this kind of 'consent' you're using wouldn't, in a million years, hold up under the GDPR.

You know what would be a better experience? No tracking and no ads.

Go fuck your better experience (would that be a better sex experience....?)

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    Where is the better experience? I'd gladly go fuck it.
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    That's why I love NoScript / ScriptSafe, at least on sites that don't require JS for their stupid GDPR consent thing (though some of them don't require it after the consent cookie has been set). No tracking scripts, no problems! :3
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    I hate those phrases, along with “for you convenience.” If it was actually to give us a better experience you wouldn’t have to warn us about it.
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    I also love the wording on some sites. It essetially says that you accept their stuff anyways if you use their site. Which makes that obnoxious button really worthless.
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