The Ghost of Live Demos:

A supernatural being with extremely high technical prowess always scouting for live demos and ruining them in ways that has never happened before.

A phenomenon.
An enigma.
A truth.

The only way to survive is to expect him.

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    And sacrifice a virgin from time to time. 🙃
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    It might be Stockholm's syndrome speaking, but I've grown fond of him. It's one of the rare constant in life: to get fucked in the arse when you least expect it.
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    @iiii For fuck's sake, not gonna kill myself for a demo! 😏

    @Jilano the most interesting part is to see how he fuck's you up. Sure you tested the server is up like a billion times? Oops, sorry, global outage right now.
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    @sudocode another virgin 🤣
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    @Jilano but if you expect to be fucked at any time, then it's not that unexpected now 🤔🤔🤔
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    @sudocode Definitely! I've never got hit by an EMP yet, but who knows what the future holds!

    @iiii True, but it's hard to keep that focus forever
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    If you get fucked in the ass, you are no longer a virgin unless you want to lose your urethra virginity from fire ants.
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