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Manager: Hey @iiii, please, create stories for {things that shall be done}. You will be responsible for that implementation next sprint.

Me: *procrastinating like a bitch*

**several hours later**

Dev from another team: Actually, we discussed that with {upper management guy} and it seems like those things are unapplicable for current project, so we'll send a letter to {client} to remove those requirements.

Manager: @iiii, don't create stories.

</Email thread>

Me: *welp, good thing I did exactly nothing so far*

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    People often underestimate how hard it is to do nothing. Well done
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    @Jilano there was a case when my senior colleague didn't work on some defect for a month and then requirements changed and it stopped being a defect anymore 🤣

    Fixing defects by doing nothing.
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    *evil Haskell laugh*
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    @rutee07 Agreed, haha! "Ha! I knew I was the best"

    Self congratulating yourself for doing nothing yet still deserving a reward.

    @iiii What a wise man. We all have much to learn from him for he knows the way.
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    @Jilano actually he is a wise man and a good professional who likes tinkering with hardware and not being bothered with redundant work.
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    You saved your own day, well done XD
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    I see that as a double win. Not having to do anything, and then taking cred for it.
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