Any frontend developers want to help me with my project (Vue)? I have a FOSS web app I'm working on but I'm just really not motivated to work on the frontend; I really don't enjoy frontend development. I would love for someone to contribute and help with the buggy mess that it is.


It's a self-hosted notebook and Wiki style app. Read the README for a bit more background. It's built with Python, PostgreSQL, and Vue.js. (You're welcome to help with other parts too of course but the front-end is where I need most help)

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    Nice, but if you want something, make it attractive and think what others may gain from this. Best of Luck 😉
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    I'm pretty familiar with Vue and I've been wanting to collaborate on something with someone for a while now, so I might give you a hand! When I get home I'll take a better look at the project.
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    Favorited so I'd remember to come back to this. Vue is one of my stronger areas, so I'll definitely take a look into possibly collaborating some of my time and effort

    // Edit: at the very least I can write tests for the front end, since I enjoy that and didn't have a chance to when using Vue in a corporate setting
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    And here i come who doesn't have complete knowledge on Html 😅
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    Here I thought I'd take a quick look now if there was something I could take upon me to do... Then I saw spaces were used for intendation. My eyes hurt so much. (I may also have become allergic to JS, who knows..)

    In other news, seems like you got a collaborator (@neeno, is you, I presume?). Glad you did, because I can't now..
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