Rewriting my Swift app in React Native and being told I should get familiar with Redux now...

I have written some REALLY complex stuff in my career, but I simply cannot wrap my head around "state," Redux, or why.

After adding in Redux and converting to it's folder structure, adding a random action, type, container, and reducer, and my app still works the same way I'm left wondering: "why did I need this?"

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    @purged Beats me. The cryptic terms got me stumped for a bit, so I got to reading then using Redux. It did help with state persistence when the app grew in complexity, but not before. Even then, I wasn't sure.

    Solid backend code often mitigated the need for Redux.

    I learned it mostly to impress teams I were interviewing to join.

    For personal React/React Native projects I depend on Realm, Horizon or Rails.
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    Redux is basically a part of Elm ported to Javascript. If you look at the Elm Architecture, it all makes sense, but Javascript obfuscates (and imo deminishes) the usefulness.
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    I decided to go with Angular instead of React, i definitly choose the path of a well made backend against a time consuming framework.
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