I signed up to a website, and my password contained & symbol, got an error that password cannot contain that symbol, I thought we are way beyond vulnerability of SQL injection?

Or that symbol can be used for some other attacks?

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    Maybe database charset?

    Edit: To clarify, I mean something like latin-1 vs utf8
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    @AvyChanna aah good point, thanks for bringing this up 😊
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    I hope that's not the reason, that would imply they're saving the password in plain text.
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    @gitpush @TheHatBandit That was just a blind shot. For context, I once used MySql without changing default charset, (latin-1), and later got to know I could not use any other language than english for input(or unicode)
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    Oh, if you think the majority of websites out there have proper pentesting run on them you are in for a big surprise
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