Downloaded Manjaro ISO to have a look and check hardware compatibility.
Rebooted and selected USB stick to start.
Piece of shit didn't boot.
Booted back into Mint.
Opened USB stick in Nemo - empty.

Ooops. I had forgotten to write the ISO to the USB stick.
Did that, worked wonders, Manjaro booted successfully.

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    Stupid Manjaro ... not booting when it doesn't exist!
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    Arch would definitely have booted. Twice. Possibly even as void linux.
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    on one laptop the only thing that worked was Fedora. I don't know if i like Fedora because it is an actually good distro or because i am forced to use it.

    But i do like Fedora so who knows
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    @AleCx04 That's why the laptop I'm keen on will be a Linux laptop. Since Ubuntu is among the preinstalled options, Mint will also run.
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    This is probably the shittiest post I’ve seen from you, and I say that because your posts are usually high tier.

    Good to hear you managed to solve the issue.
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    @jesustricks That's what happens when I'm close to the weekend and my brain is already in suspend.
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