I am interested in knowing what uncle bob has to say to coolDev483 about functional vs oop vs procedural programming on twitter when i should rather be looking into android concepts for my interview

I am interested to know why some goons demolished the office of loud mouth celebrity when i am sitting at my home unemployed with 0 plans of future.

I am interested to look at all the fucked up discussions and debates and news that are not relevant to me even though i should be having a shit ton of work to do.

I am fucking stupid.

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    Knowing Uncle Bob, "FP is just a subset of OOP #buymybook"
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    Uncle Bob: "Back when I was 17 and worked on this old ass computer system we did functional programming and here are more unnecessary details about my past that I like reminiscing about too much."
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    "Let me tell you a story about my success and how I don't remotely understand my own privilege and assume everyone has exactly the same opportunity scale and access."
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    @SortOfTested My point was how easy i get distracted.. nd you started another irrelevant discussion :'|
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    I feel like if i have to take a course regarding software development from a book having 10 chapters and 100 pages,... then at least 10 interesting debatable questions can be created from every word in each of those pages( i.e === a million or more questions aka stack overflow)...I really feel confused regarding what should be my extent of knowledge in situation like this... X/
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    The family of Margaret Hamilton, Steve McConnell, Rich Hickey, George Hotz and others should have at least one guy like uncle bob. Just for the sake of balance
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    — Ada, you’re not listening, I have 40 years of experience in agile and I traveled back in time to...
    — Runneth the alas out of h're scallywag!
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    Jokes aside, I’d watched him doing the actual job in the actual modern company where they’re blasting new web standards, rxjs and kubernetes. He’s just gonna be walking around mumbling about how things aren’t like they used to be and how he is a real programmer but he ain’t gonna create anything meaningful
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