Hmm am learning mean stack.. so far it is good... But can anyone help me in reviewing my code. Like am doing self learning but I guess my code can be improved with better standards or approaches.. Just curious if can found any help here :)

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    Don't know anglurar (and would recommend learning Vue or React instead), but sure, send a repo or something!
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    @ScriptCoded I agree (I always recommend Vue - then again, if you think current work market, React or Angular jobs abound) - but once you've got one ME*N stack down, shifting from one to another is just a matter of learning another framework.
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    @100110111 Yeah, that's true. I'm not quite sure for how long Angular will stay though, so due to that and the steep learning curve I usually don't recommend it.
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    @100110111 @ScriptCoded My Bad I was into wordpress development and Last year I tried to learn angular and almost gave up after months cause even my basics lacks example componets, libs, npm etc. But again I decided to move on with node.js and React. Once mastered in react and node then will think of angular and yes will share repos too. No idea about vue though
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    @rox79 Vue has by far the best documentation of them all imo, so the learning curve is in that regard not bad at all. But really, as per what @ScriptCoded said, I'd ditch Angular if I were you and concentrated in React and/or Vue, if JS frameworks is something you see the need or want to learn. And once you try Vue... ;)
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    @100110111 Ok but yeah now I have started with react so complete it. I hope it will help me to cover basics of frontend using mean stack :)
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    If you're (fairly) new to the frontend library/framework scene then going for MEVN (MEAN but instead of Angular it's Vue) would be a better idea (although I'll argue learning each separately would be better, e.g. Vue then Express+Node then MongoDB).
    But as @100110111, if you're going for what's more in demand in the market then go for that (https://trends.google.com/trends/..., vue&geo=GB gives a good indication for this, of course, you should change the query for it to show your country's stats).

    I second the fact that out of the 3, Vue is the easiest to learn (if you already know HTML/CSS/JS tho) and Angular might not even be needed unless you do enterprise apps (or just huge and complex ones).
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    Angular is going south even in workplaces. It was just 3-4 years ago that it was huge but nowadays it's all React/Vue
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