Anyone here a fan of bald and bankrupt on YouTube?

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    No, you're his only fan. /S
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    Who's that?
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    I just watched the latest episode! Like 30 seconds ago
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    I will not make a joke, I will not make a joke, I will....... fuck it's hard not to make a joke!

    @jilano, make the joke.
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    yeah too bad he caught covid19 in belarus. Loved his india adventure videos and his history of him working at a hotel as a young man in india.

    Also quite entertaining is KREOSAN some hillbillies from Luhansk the seperatist part of Ukraine doing youtube. Creating sketchy experiments and wild vehicles out of scrap and aliexpress. They're on a tour in India to do nuclear experiments because it's illegal to do in a warzone like Ukraine? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Oh and they don't speak a word english and they went to india. https://www.youtube.com/c/kreosann
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    @Linux lol whenever I am in travel mood, I put him up on YT. Pretty cool stuff.

    @Heyheni I am yet to watch his India tour video. IDK why I am delaying. I really like the way he is adventurous.

    I wasn't aware about his COVID-19 infection. Damn!! dude's rough.. exploring even in this pandemic.

    Let me check the KREOSAN now.. looks interesting by the thumbnail
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    @C0D4 *coughs*

    "Hey @F1973, what did we say about self promoting your channel on devRant?"
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    @Jilano ummm... little promotion is fine, right?
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    He told is that the dick got smaller after Covid lol!
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    @Linux Just czeched out his radio interview. Lol

    This dude is truly an inspiration. The only YouTube channel, I would pay to watch.
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    @F1973 also nice
    Shiey that Lithuanian rascal who surfs cargo trains, local buses and crawls into soviet military bunkers.

    and in the Switzerland episode the base jump from that high-rise in Zurich is insane.
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    @heyheni that sounds risky but exciting.

    You seemed to be equally into travelling and exploring.

    If I may ask, where all you have travelled and explored? Would love to know your travel stories/experiences?
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    @F1973 yeah so my mother is norwegian, so i traveled from an early age from Switzerland to Norway on a yearly bases. And living in a small country like Switzerland in the heart of europe you're pretty much everwhere within few hours.
    During my apprenticeship i had the cash and the time to do InterRail the all you can drive, train pass for europe.
    So i visited so far 40 counties.

    Most interesting place besides India, China and Japan i found was Kosovo.
    Beautiful landscape and as soon as the kosovo folks found out that I'm swiss they offered me discounts at hotels and buses and started speaking german or swiss german. As many from kosovo fled in the 90ties to Switzerland.

    A country that i really want to visit is Georgia. It's a European country but it's so far east tucked behind Turkey that the average joe doesn't know much about it. They have awseome modern trains that run from Batumi to Tiblisi.
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    @heyheni what do you do in other countries?
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    @heyheni man!!!! 40 countries. Holy fuck!! You are my practical hero. I have been to 40 cities or areas around. Just wow!

    You been to India? How did you like it? I honestly want to know what a Swiss dude thinks of us and our country.
    Especially when Swiss is like heaven for us (and possibly for most of the world too).

    How was China?

    Also how many languages do you know/understand and can speak?

    This stuff just fascinates me :)

    @scout see we have another one with us who wants to go Georgia.
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    Note to self: when visiting switzerland, beware of anyone named Slobodan Milosevaud.
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    @F1973 Georgia is beautiful
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    1) India. It was a culture shock for sure.
    My plane landed at two am at Mumbai airport. And i knew i gonna be ripped of by the taxi drivers at the entrance.
    So I walked bit further and got on my first tuck tuck ride.
    Man! that was scary! That chap understood nearly no english and during the whole ride drove full throttle all while his eyes were glued onto his smartphone watching porn. 😆 After some near misses he stopped and asked for the way to the hotel. A sigh of relief, that i'm still alive but the asking wasn't assuring as i was tired asf.
    At the Hotel in Andheeri East I found that the wifi internet was slow. Entered admin/password. I was in! Quality of service settings. lol set 70% of the bandwidth for my IP... and wtf? why is there a proxy setting to an israeli server.

    So at dawn I went out. And i was so intimidated by the chaos, the traffic, the smells, the sounds and the cows eating trash. I thought i was dreaming because it was so overwhelming foreign.
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    2) After retreating to my room watching some tv soap sagas of the ape god and his harem and some Modi propaganda i overcame my fears of that hustling and bustling outside and went to the Andheeri train station. Where I found out that there is no city day pass ticket. Common! Mumbai is a world city and you have to buy the commuter rail ticket every time at counter? „Hello Sir, one first class ticket please.“ Yeah so open/door less and gender seperated trains were a first for me. Went to Churchgate and got a Samosa at a street cart which was wrapped in newspaper. I swear I could read the news on that samosa as the grease transferred the news paper ink on to it. I was sure that will lead to diaharia. 😁 Watched some cricket games beneath the Rajabai Clock Tower. Fascinating! What also fascinated me was the density of the houses and the hustling and bustling of people between Grant Road and Sandhurst Road. I got really lost until I found a train station by chance.
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    3) After the that overflow of impressions I needed some normalcy. Ola to Phoenix Mall! Malls are amazing they’re the same at every place in the world. Went to the cinema there and watched Bahubali II. Weird Movie for the uninitiated sorry. After that it was the train to Goa beaches. And from Goa to New Delhi doing a private driver tour. New Delhis air was 10x worse than I experienced it in Beijing. 2 meters visibility and my throat and my eyes went sore. Constant coughing. The rest was touristy stuff, Agra and the Taj Mahal. Jaipur and Varanasi boat ride. The smell and the snowing of ash of the cremated dead people was something i'll never forget.
    The impression I’ve got was that India is a charming mess with lovely people. And the thing I miss is the smell on the streets. Switzerland doesn’t smell it’s sterile. But what I do cherish is my personal space as there are a lot less people in Zurich than in Mumbai.
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    @heyheni what a ride. What a detailed response. You remember so much and it felt someone of Indian origin wrote this. Haha wow!!!

    Ola and modi propaganda? Which year you visited? Damn! I wonder if we knew each other, we could have met.

    Never been to Delhi, Agra, Varanasi, or Jaipur. And also not sure about why everyone mentions the smell. I never noticed that thing. Weird. Maybe because I am here since birth so it's a part of life.

    And TIL Mumbai is a world and a known city. People know the existence.
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    The two cities most western people know from India are Bombay and Calcutta due to their presence in our media. We then updated the names in our lexicons when they changed during the Marathi identity push (Mumbai), and the correction to the more accurate spelling (Kolkata), respectively.
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    @SortOfTested Bombay and Culcutta?

    No Delhi? That's the fucking capital.

    Lol media here give no fuck about Culcutta amd we barely have in our news.

    And what are some common news about these places that are aired there?

    I feel little proud that my city is known. Atleast Now I will feel less insignificant while mentioning Mumbai in job application.

    And Lmao at that Marathi push. You are more Indian than me.😂😂😂
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    Before your time 😋
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